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  • 🚀 10x Research Digital Asset Trading Model Portfolio +24.5%

🚀 10x Research Digital Asset Trading Model Portfolio +24.5%

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After reading our analysis, one 10x Research subscriber wrote, “Good to see you’re out there with bold, short-term predictions. We bought a BTC bull spread based on it!” Indeed, Bitcoin started a forceful rally this week, just as we predicted. We also heard from several other subscribers that they took positions too – in spot, perps, or options.

Another reader bought Bitcoin “call ladders to play the move, doesn’t decay badly…”. To provide a constructive environment to discuss and nourish those trade ideas, we set up ‘10x Research Community’, a 10x Research paid subscriber-only (upgrade here)—Telegram Group, where our community can discuss money-making ideas. Apply to join here.

Crypto media and Twitter have caught up to our Bitcoin Chinese New Year analysis, which 10x Research readers received firsthand earlier this week. Overnight, we are quoted in CoinDesk, Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq, The Street, Business Insider, Forbes, a crypto newsletter with 250k subscribers… in various sub-quoted sites, and 365 quotations in total in the last 24 hours….

We deliver timely and actionable market views to our readers and investors. In our Friday, January 26 newsletter, we wrote that the correction we had correctly predicted was over. We were more vocal for our institutional traders, who traded the markets aggressively and received more handholding research material.

Our institutional-grade research received our Bitcoin chart book and a timely “quick update: Bitcoin,” showing how reversal indicators traded at levels where Bitcoin declines tend to “reverse” higher. Bitcoin made a tradeable low at 40,100 and never looked back.

On Thursday, January 25, our newsletter subscribers received timely advice: “The time to turn bearish was in early January when we called for a correction back to 36,000/38,000 when Bitcoin traded at 44,000. We would use any further dip to start buying again.” The actual low of this decline was 38,500.

This week, our trading signals model portfolio took new positions in RUNE and SOL. The portfolio is up +24%, with 12 winners out of 14 recommendations. We send out 1-2 ideas weekly, focusing on quality rather than quantity. This morning, we will send out another idea. This is an excellent time to trade crypto.

Bitcoin will likely rally at least to the previous January high of around 48,000. As we mentioned in our notes, Elliot-Wave's (5) analysis indicated that Bitcoin could even rally towards 52,000 by mid-March. We would certainly take profits there but our constructive view for this year remains.

We also wrote an article, “Crypto for Advisors: Bitcoin as a Building Block for Portfolios,” which is based on our Black-Litterman Asset Allocation model and provides a practical, unbiased, and proven approach to classify Bitcoin as another building block in institutional investors’ portfolios. We can run this asset allocation model based on individual views and portfolio volatility targets.

As always, we will continue to read the markets, let our models crunch the numbers, and deliver actionable ideas to our subscribers. Our Bitcoin 48,000 remains in place and appears reachable. Enjoy the ride.