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  • πŸš€ 10x Research Model Portfolio Rallies to +74%

πŸš€ 10x Research Model Portfolio Rallies to +74%

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This is just a quick update for our Trading Signals subscribers.

Our model portfolio has increased to +74%, despite the portfolio being 21% in USDT (cash) right now. This is because some signals were closed out as their trade horizon was reached. The portfolio locked in big winners in Bitcoin and Ethereum and is currently driven by the rally in Solana and BNB (see the model portfolio overview below).

Other recent winners include Aave, Link, and Near.

While it’s still too early to celebrate, up until now, all the 11 signals we sent out in February made money - and are positive !!!

Out of the 22 trading signals we sent out, 86% have been winners with average returns of +15% (keeping in mind that the holding period is mostly within two weeks to 1 month), and this portfolio does not use any leverage.