Could This Altcoin Make 10x Returns? Two Catalysts Approaching

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Could This Altcoin Make 10x Returns? Two Catalysts Approaching

👇1-4) We will launch an altcoin model portfolio for positions that could make 10x returns over 6 to 12 months. We will keep updating positions based on fundamentals like network usage, TVL, revenue trends, etc. The aim is to find those tokens that can excel over the medium to longer term and are starting to have outsized network activity and usage.

👇2-4) This analysis is part of our 'Strategy Report' offering and is in our '10x Altcoin Model Portfolio' - positions that could offer 10x returns over 6 to 12 months.

👇3-4) Besides breaking to new all-time highs, this token has two catalysts approaching:

1) TVL is increasing strongly

2) Developer event on April 10/22, 2024

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