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  • 🚀 2023 was great, here is why 2024 will be even better

🚀 2023 was great, here is why 2024 will be even better

A new platform: As our readership has grown tremendously in 2023, we have migrated this newsletter from Substack to Beehiiv as the latter platform offers more features to deliver our content in an even more visually appealing way.

Paying subscribers will still be able to receive our premium / paid content through Substack, but everybody else and every new subscriber ideally will be on the Beehiiv platform. Our website (www.10xResearch.co) remains unchanged. Still, there could be duplicate email alerts during the next few weeks.

We aim to convert every subscriber into a paying subscriber to deliver the best quality content to everybody. During the last two years, we have shown that this is not just another newsletter—instead, a frequent report with lots of actionable ideas and insights. Several readers have made six-figure dollar amounts on the back of our ideas.

If you have any questions, drop us an email

2023 was an outstanding year for us: we published a best-selling book (Crypto Titans), set up our own Institutional-Grade crypto Research Company (10x Research), and had many outstanding market calls, which helped our readers/subscribers and ourselves to deliver strong returns.

Although we were mainly bullish in 2023, we recommended well-timed shorts several times and suggested closing our Bitcoin mining exposure before they crashed on the last day of the year. The chart below shows Bitdeer’s stock price, which increased from $3.10 to nearly $14.00 in two months. Miraculously, Bitdeer declined to our fair value level (-33% lower).

Our portfolio delivered +197% returns. We will resume sending out trading ideas and market views by tomorrow - at the latest - as we have mostly raised cash during the last week of December and are still very bullish. We expect the volatility around the Bitcoin Spot ETF approval to offer several trading opportunities.

We remain bullish as Bitcoin tends to perform well during the US election years, coinciding with the halving cycles of 2012, 2016, and 2020. We also notice that the bull market is broadening out, with the Bitcoin dominance indicator dropping near 50%; this typically signals that altcoins outperform.

Our trading signals, which are part of our institutional-grade analytics, are increasingly bullish altcoins, notably Ethereum. We run 40+ trading models for the top 100 liquid tokens and generate around 1-2 high-quality, strong-conviction trading ideas. If you are not an institutional-grade subscriber but are specifically interested in those trading signals, please email us to learn more.

The SEC could approve US-listed Bitcoin Spot ETFs any time now and we expect that cryptocurrencies will have a strong start to the year. An SEC approval is a high-probability event, and we expect that, together with a strong macro and liquidity environment, significant returns will be made this year.

Our Bitcoin target of 50,000 by the end of this month is still possible, but we would increasingly bet on various altcoins - as we will explain during the next few reports - so join our paid subscriber list (if you are not on it yet).

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