All-TIME Bitcoin HIGHS Expected by Next Week - Maximize Your Gains

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👇1-10) After Bitcoin’s consolidation, we're witnessing significant movements in the crypto market. Bitget’s exchange token BGB surged +16% following its Launchpad introduction, and Kaspa’s KAS token gained +36% with the introduction of KRC20, Kaspa’s blockDAG, which required users to purchase KAS tokens first. Binance's BNB token has hit an all-time high with a market cap of $105bn, while Ethena’s TVL has reached $3.1bn as funding rates expand, allowing ENA to rally by +10% during the last week.

👇2-10) We are bullish on Bitcoin. On May 21, we wrote, ‘Bitcoin: Multiple Buy Signals Activated, Don’t Miss Out. ' On May 26, we predicted, ‘Bitcoin New All-Time Highs Coming?’ Our report on May 30, ‘Inflation is the MAIN driver for Bitcoin,’ provided a solid thesis for the coming rally.

👇3-10) For traders, it was time to strap on risk and get more beta exposure. As we predicted, Bitcoin mining stocks are also on the rise. Bitdeer rallied +13% last night on the back of Tether’s $100m private funding round (potentially adding another $50m), while Bitfarms rallied as a prime takeover candidate in the sector. See our May 31 report.

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