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πŸš€ The Best Way Profitable Traders Ride The Crypto Wave

Institutional Crypto Research Written by Experts

Our Trading Signals had tremendous success and helped our subscribers to smartly take advantage of the shifting crypto landscape.

We worked for the best teams on Wall-Street, from Golman Sachs, to Morgan Stanley to JP Morgan and managed money for the most successful hedge fund (Millennium). When we repurposed our quant models years ago to the crypto markets, we were initially surprised how well their worked also for crypto.

The signals caught many Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoin rallies; if you want to stay informed which token could have a significant move, this trading signals offering is for you.

Even yesterday’s trading idea (ADA-USDT) has had a quick +12% up-move. Signals from earlier this week (AAVE and LINK) have also already returned +19% and +14%. And these returns are un-levered.

Overall, the portfolio of these signals has made +72% in five months with 20 trading signals making money and only 3 having minor losses (-0.3%, -6.5% and -2.0%). Remarkable, the average trade has generated +21.5%, and as most crypto traders use leverage, the return among our subscribers might even be higher.

Soon, we will be integrating additional data sets and releasing more models. But these products and the R&D behind them come with a cost. Soon, we will increase our trading signals offering from $825 to $1,475, and this is YOUR chance to LOCK IN THE OLD PRICE for an annual subscription. We are not slowing down; neither is the crypto market.

10x Research Trading Signals Model Portfolio (snapshot, all actual ideas)

Despite the slight price increase, many will still regard this as a tremendous deal. The feedback and screenshots of leveraged returns have motivated us to deliver even more signals, extend our offering to more tokens, and integrate more datasets. This will help everybody within this closely gated community.

Undoubtedly, the crypto markets offer a fantastic opportunity, and we cannot let this opportunity slip – neither should you.