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πŸš€ This is the BIGGEST Risk for Bitcoin (& Crypto) Right Now

Institutional Crypto Research Written by Experts

πŸ‘‡1-10) The Bitcoin / Crypto market is overheated, and a potential consolidation with downside risk should be managed carefully. US ETF flows are no longer the key driver of Bitcoin. Instead, other pockets of the crypto market are now in the driver’s seat. There are some apparent risks in front of us that we want to point out. Parabolic moves always tend to see corrections, but we must admit that the momentum/sentiment is still strong. Below we point out specific risks.

FOMO is real - can you manage your emotions?

πŸ‘‡2-10) Four to six weeks ago, it was straightforward to be bullish and project Bitcoin target levels of 52,000, 63,000, and even 70,000. But even during this wild move higher, we have seen periods of consolidation. Our trading signals did not produce a new buy signal for seven painfully long days (Feb 16-23), but this period coincided with Bitcoin going sideways. Hence, it was correct not to put on any (new) positions based on the overall trend. We might be in a similar situation now.Β 

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