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  • πŸš€ Bitcoin 57,000 target reached, leverage is high – Sell Bitcoin?

πŸš€ Bitcoin 57,000 target reached, leverage is high – Sell Bitcoin?

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πŸ‘‡1-10) We have been working with the Bitcoin 57,000 target price since November 28 (see our Yahoo Finance interview, Bitcoin traded at 37,000). The TV anchor was visibly shocked when we calmly dropped that target price. Three months later, Bitcoin rallied +54% (BTC @ 57,021).

πŸ‘‡2-10) Crypto media is running with stories that leverage is high, and position build-up is unsustainable. On the other hand, crypto Twitter is driving narratives that an altcoin season is upon us. The message from both camps is similar: sell your Bitcoin (either to take profit or to take even more leverage with altcoins).

Let’s clarify a couple of important considerations

πŸ‘‡3-10) Depending on how deep you are in specific protocols, a diversified trading strategy is one of the best ways to have altcoin exposure. Our trading signals look for patterns that have had a high success rate, and from the 22 ideas we sent out, 18 have been successful (so far), and the model portfolio value has increased by +61%.

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