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πŸš€ Bitcoin is BREAKING Out – This is the TRIGGER

Institutional Crypto Research Written by Experts

πŸ‘‡1-10) No, we are not talking about the Bitcoin halving on April 22. We have a controversial view of the halving, which we will share in a later report. Our trigger for a Bitcoin price jump is instant – we are talking days, not weeks.

πŸ‘‡2-10) Bitcoin could be making an immediate big move, as the break of the downtrend indicates – the main barrier being the trend line at 43,839. If Bitcoin trades above it, we could quickly move to 48,000.

πŸ‘‡3-10) After last month's consolidation period, Bitcoin almost reached the downside level of our 38,000 correction target (actual low 38,500), which we defined when Bitcoin traded at 44,300.

πŸ‘‡4-10) But as we showed in the book β€˜Bitcoin: The Irresistible Rise,’ prices do not move randomly. There is often a big trigger, such as a policy decision or another significant event. One big event is around the corner, and we think this event will lift Bitcoin above 45,000 within the next few days.

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