Bitcoin Is CRASHING – What YOU Should Do NOW

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👇1-7) Once again, 10x Research was the only major research firm expecting a price crash – all the way once $67,300 was triggered. Even after the weekend Trump Pump, we warned that the rebound was not sustainable and reiterated our Bitcoin price targets of $55,000 and $50,000 – Bitcoin is now trading at $54,000 or -20% lower since our short signal on June 12.

👇2-7) Before Ethereum broke below $3,725 on June 7, we warned that cascading liquidations could occur, causing Ethereum to drop back to its ETF expectation ramp-up. Those liquidations didn’t wait long, and we saw sharp declines in futures open interest last night. Ethereum is -22% lower since our June 7 report and trades at $2,900.

👇3-7) There is no rush in trying to catch a falling knife. This is the time to sit back and let the short play out.

👇4-7) Many of our 10x Research subscribers were prepared for this sell-off, and while we prefer bull markets, sometimes locking in higher-level profits is the right strategy.

👇5-7) There is always money to be made in crypto, and our approach shows once again that price moves can be predicted as money can be made when prices go up or down. Our research has been on the forefront of this decline.

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We accurately called the Bitcoin low in October 2022, predicting a surge to $63,160 by March 2024 into the halving (which moved to April with a final price of $63,491).

In January 2023, we foresaw Bitcoin's rise to $45,000 by Christmas, a prediction that came true (final price of $43,613).

We identified Bitcoin miners as a key investment for 2024 back in September 2023. And most recently, in November 2023, we anticipated a Bitcoin rally to $57,000 following Bitcoin ETF approvals.

We called for Bitcoin rally to $70,000 in January 2024. And called for a correction near the top in March 2024.