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🚀Bitcoin ETF Approval Sparks Billion-Dollar Crypto Surge

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👇 1) Why Bitcoin Surging above $40,000 is Inevitable

👇 2) Despite the negative Binance news, initially perceived as a risk-off event, Bitcoin has only experienced a temporary correction, bouncing back to its nearest support at $36,000. A robust counter-trend reaction has since emerged, and we anticipate a high likelihood of Bitcoin surpassing $38,000 by the end of this month with an 80% probability, followed by a rally above $40,000 in December with a 90% probability.

👇 3) Our outlook remains bullish.

👇 4) Since September 2023, Tether’s USDT market capitalization has increased by $5bn, signaling a growing trend among institutional investors to shift fiat (dollars) into stablecoins, potentially converting them into other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

The chart shows the daily minting of Tether’s ($bn) on the left scale vs. Tether’s market cap on the right scale ($bn) - the latter has increased by more than $5bn during the last month

👇 5) Notably, fees have been noticeable across various blockchains, with Bitcoin exhibiting the most significant monthly fee rise. Bitcoin prices surged by +28% in October 2023 as the probability of a Bitcoin spot ETF being listed in the U.S. increased.

👇 6) Though November appears to be a month of consolidation with average returns of +6%, it is clocking in at +8.5%. This indicates that seasonality is influencing the market again. Bitcoin tends to rally +12% in December.

👇 7) Bitcoin's dominance peaked at 53.4% on October 26. With BlackRock filing for an Ethereum ETF, traders have increasingly allocated risk capital towards Ethereum as a higher beta-trade.

👇 8) Notably, fees within the Ethereum ecosystem in November have reached the highest since July 2023. Ethereum's short-term re-enter level is $2,030. The shorter-term model went long on September 27 at $1,600. Our longer-term model suggested a long position on October 25 at $1,787.

👇 9) The macro-environment continues to support crypto. We confidently anticipate bond yields to fall to 2.60% in 2024 (or 2025) as the US 10-year Treasury yield appeared to have peaked at 4.95% for this cycle and is (nearly) testing last year’s high at 4.20/4.23%.

👇 10) This re-pricing of bond yields is poised to trigger a new boom for the stock market, particularly benefiting second-tier technology stocks, which typically correlate with second-tier (altcoins) cryptocurrencies.



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