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  • 🚀 The Bitcoin Greed & Fear indicator has yet to reach a contrarian buy level

🚀 The Bitcoin Greed & Fear indicator has yet to reach a contrarian buy level

👇 1-10) We expected that Q1 would be challenging to trade. Volumes in Korea have declined to the lowest level since early October ($1.2bn on Upbit 24 vs. $7.7bn on Jan 12), and Dogecoin has become the most actively traded coin in Korea, a sign that even those creative crypto punters are running out of fresh ideas.

👇 2-10) The Bitcoin dominance indicator holds firm, marginally sub-50%, and for higher beta coins to outperform, we need this indicator to drop lower. Our Bitcoin Greed & Fear indicator is still not at contrarian buy levels, with the moving average dropped to 52%. A reading below 20% has been triggered twice during the last 18 months: November 25, 2022, when Bitcoin traded at 17,000, and September 6, 2023, when Bitcoin traded at 26,500. Both turned out to be great buying opportunities.

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