Is This Bitcoin Indicator Predicting A Crash???

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Is This Bitcoin Indicator Predicting A Crash???

👇1-11) We have been expecting a severe Bitcoin correction, and many of our 10x Research subscribers either closed out their longs at 68,300 or some even went short. The signs were all there that the Bitcoin bull market was losing momentum. Now everybody is asking how steep the fall will be.

👇2-11) The average Bitcoin ETF buyer is now underwater. Many institutional investors will struggle to justify allocating more capital to those ETFs without an immediate upside catalyst, such as the halving. Despite brand names such as BlackRock leading the ETF field, many portfolio managers likely had an uphill battle when they asked for Bitcoin ETF risk limits.

Bitcoin ETF Holders Are Liquidating – Guess Who Collapses Next….

👇3-11) Those risk limits or allocation discussions will be more challenging as Bitcoin trades lower than those investors’ entry prices. This is likely confirmed by the $550m of net selling we saw last night, with all Bitcoin ETFs seeing outflows. In fact, since the Bitcoin halving, we have seen $1.1bn of outflows, a sign that many ‘crypto tourists’ were only temporarily allocated into Bitcoin. The indicator below could predict much lower Bitcoin prices, and we explain why:

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