🌐 Bitcoin: The Irresistible Rise

👇 1) Book Publication date: January 8, 2024 - 452 pages

👇 2) Bitcoin: The Irresistible Rise explains how the crypto industry started and evolved through five crypto bull and bear markets and how everything in crypto is ultimately connected. This is the ultimate history book of Bitcoin. It shows all the leading players behind the three trillion-dollar industry and how billions of dollars have been lost in pursuing crypto gains. If you want to understand why and when crypto prices move up or down, this book is for you.

👇 3) The Irresistible Rise is an updated and expanded version of 'Crypto Titans: How Trillions Were Made and Billions Were Lost in the Cryptocurrency Markets' published in May 2023, which has received a 4.8 out of 5.0 reader score with nearly all reviewers giving a 5-star review.

  • How each of the five crypto bull markets of 2011, 2013, 2017, 2021, and 2023 unfolded, the drivers behind them, and what caused prices to correct violently during bear markets.

  • How crypto markets naturally progressed, and how everything is therefore related

  • The players involved and how they have made money—while others have lost large sums. Alameda, Binance, Bitcoinica, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Celsius, CZ, Coinbase, Deltec Bank, FTX, Mt. Gox, Ripple, SBF, Terra, Tether, Three Arrows, TradeHill, etc.

“The Irresistible Rise is essential for anyone interested in understanding the history of crypto. Markus has done an excellent job covering all the important names and stories that have shaped the crypto industry, consistently hitting the nail on the head with accurate analysis to help readers understand the motivations and personal characteristics. I highly recommend this book to anyone.”

Jihan Wu, Founder, Bitdeer and Matrixport

“The usual challenge with writing a book about the past is finding a balance between a subjective and objective approach, picking favorites or stating cold facts. This book takes the latter approach, allowing readers to construct their context. It’s up to you to connect from the very early pre-2017 days, which I found most interesting since I did not witness them personally, to today’s state of affairs. Markus’s impartial approach in assessing the events is ideally suited for this, given the narrative-driven nature of the crypto world today. I recommend this book to anybody interested in crypto.”

Evgeny Gaevoy, CEO and Cofounder, Wintermute

“Fortunes are won and lost when transformations happen. Bitcoin is transforming the entire economy, and many fortunes will be won and lost. But the drumbeat continues. Technology always shines in the end. Read this book. Great lessons can be learned.”

Tim Draper, Founder, Draper Associates

“Bitcoin: The Irresistible Rise looks at this era of profound innovation through the lens of crypto pioneers. Markus delivers trail markers and bright dots of history to help steer even the most seasoned guide. Any reader will be left with a clearer view of crypto’s future.”

Marcel Kasumovich, Deputy CIO, Coinbase Asset Management