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🚀 BREAKING - Reached 10,000 Subscribers - Rebranding

Crypto For Professionals


BREAKING: As we have reached 10,000 subscribers, DeFi Research / DeFi On Target is rebranding into ‘10x Research’ - a professional crypto research service.

This email group will still receive valuable and timely updates about our views, and we will also offer a research service targeted at traders, hedge funds, asset and wealth managers, etc. Crypto for Professionals will include weekly reports, timely trading signal analytics, flash updates, etc.

Some of our analysis:

Some brief points:

👇 1) During Bitcoin's halving years, we have seen rallies of +186% (2012), +126% (2016), and +297% (2020).

👇 2) 2014 down, followed by three up, 2018 down, followed by three up, 2022 down…

👇 3) Each of the four crypto bull markets (2011, 2013, 2017, and 2021) was associated with a novel way to acquire Bitcoins. A Bitcoin Spot ETF fits this pattern.

👇 4) On average, Bitcoin has returned +12% over the last eight years during December.

👇 5) Four factors drive the Bitcoin price at this point: 1) expectations that the SEC would approve a spot Bitcoin ETF, 2) increased demand for leveraged positions, 3) fiat inflows through stablecoins, and 4) improved fee generation through the Bitcoin network.

👇 6) From the time the Bitcoin Futures launch was announced until they started trading, Bitcoin prices increased by +180% in less than two months.

👇 7) In 2018, the Fed hiked interest rates aggressively, and when they paused in January 2019, Bitcoin prices exploded by 300%.

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