Crypto Alpha Trades You Might Have Missed

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🚩 In 10 bullet points:

👇 1) The Graph rallied +99% last 1w as the protocol’s market capitalization reached $1bn. GRT’s recent rally could be attributed to the rise in popularity of its artificial intelligence related tokens due to the hype around ChatGTP. Also recently announced support for four new blockchains including Arbitrum, Avalanche, Celo and Optimism. Mkt cap $1.6bn

👇 2) ImmutableX rallied +33% last 1w as they announced the launch of the Immutable Passport which will help gaming studios onboard new Web3 gamers, scheduled for April 2023. The tool will function as a non-custodial wallet, gamer profile & authentication solution, which aims to not only help drive adoption into Web3 gaming. Mkt cap $799m

👇 3) OKX rallied +20% last 1w as OKX announced the launch of its new metaverse experience, the ‘OKX Collective’, tailored for soccer fans. The exchange has partnered with a group of players from Manchester City. Mkt cap $11bn

👇 4) Chiliz rallied +18% last 1w as the Chiliz Chain 2.0 went live on Feb 8. The new layer 1 EVM-compatible blockchain will focus on supporting NFTs, Play2Earn games, live event ticketing payments & Watch2Earn sport events. Users will also now be able to stake their token on the network for rewards. Mkt cap $1bn

👇 5) Shiba Inu rallied +18% last 1w in growing anticipation amidst the rumor that the network’s Layer 2 Ethereum scalability solution ‘Shibarium’ is scheduled for launch on Feb 14. As part of the Shibarium road map, the network is introducing the Bone Shibaswap (BONE) governance token which has begun to be listed in a few exchanges. Mkt cap $8.1bn

👇 6) Algorand rallied +15% last 1w as the Algorand Foundation announced key partnerships in India to help grow the Web3 ecosystem and drive adoption. Mkt cap $2bn

👇 7) The The Sandbox rallied +13% last 1w upon the announcement that the protocol has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Saudi Arabia’s Digital Government Authority on Feb 7, during the Leap Tech Conference. Few details were given about the agreement. Mkt cap $1.5bn

👇 8) Hedera rallied +12% last 1w as Dell becomes a member of the Hedera Governing Council to explore the development of DApps. The council is now made up of 39 members each of whom run a node on the Hedera network, including Google and IBM. Mkt cap $2bn

👇 9) Tezos rallied +11% last 1w upon the announcement that Revolut will start supporting crypto staking of tokens of Tezos, alongside Polkadot, Cardano and Ethereum, to customers in the UK and European Economic Area. Mkt cap $1.1bn

👇 10) Lido DAO rallied +10% last 1w upon the announcement of Lido’s v2 upgrade ahead of the highly anticipated Ethereum network Shanghai upgrade. The v2 upgrade will involve the roll out of staking reward withdrawals which will allows stETH holders to withdraw ETH at a 1:1 ratio. Mkt cap $2bn.