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We had another incredibly timed call on Friday morning (SG time) when we wrote that it was time to be bullish on Bitcoin - after expecting a deeper pullback since early January. When Bitcoin was trading at 44,300, we wrote that Bitcoin could retrace back to the 36,000 / 38,000 support area, and Bitcoin declined to 38,500 - only narrowly missing our target. Bitcoin rallied +5% hours after we published our report.

We are known for consistently delivering top research. We are credited for calling the low in October 2022, predicting that Bitcoin would rally to 45,000 by Christmas 2023, predicting the +200% rally for Bitcoin miners in September 2023 and correctly predicting the top by December 2023.

Despite the +160% rally in 2023, we turned tactically bearish at reasonable times, like in mid-August, and less than 24 hours later, Bitcoin dropped -10%. Our market structure analysis, quant models, and intuition have proven our edge in the crypto markets.

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