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πŸš€ Ethereum Skyrockets with +20% Surge! Here's What You MUST Know

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πŸ‘‡1-12) On January 17, we wrote a note titled β€˜Why Ethereum Will Climb above 3,000 soon’. Ethereum had just broken above the 2,400 level, and technically, prices were about to rally. Fast forward, Ethereum is +20% higher, trading at 2,980 – but we set an even higher target at 3,400 as the next technical resistance level. Volatility is expected, but it's remarkable how little news there is despite the rally. The March Ethereum upgrade and May SEC Ethereum ETF approvals are likely the driver.

πŸ‘‡2-12) Our β€˜trading signal’ models had two timely Ethereum signals, notably on February 12, when Ethereum traded at 2,503, expecting prices to rally for the next two months, setting a potential target price of 3,002 (+19.9%). By February 13, Ethereum was already materially higher, trading at 2,654 when another trading model signaled that Ethereum could rally by +10.9% over the next two weeks – a potential target of 2,943. While not every signal will be successful, these signals were less than two weeks ago.

Trading Signals published - the two Ethereum signals highlighted

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