What happens after the Bitcoin halving?

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👇1-12) A mere two days away, the Bitcoin halving has sparked a self-fulfilling prophecy. Google Trends has ‘Bitcoin Halving’ at its highest ‘search scale’ ever (score 100 vs. the 2020 Bitcoin halving search score of 60). Social media ‘analysis’ has consistently claimed that every prior halving has been bullish for the price of Bitcoin. While the price rally may not be immediate, we are focused on when, not if.

👇2-12) All our 10x Research subscribers know that as the pivotal 68,300 level was broken, the “downside could open to 60,000—if not 52,000,” as we frequently stated (here). Indeed, last night, Bitcoin briefly declined to sub-60,000, and while there was a large buy order in the market at that 60,000 level, we still think Bitcoin could further decline.

👇3-12) When we analyzed all the previous Bitcoin cycles, we realized that prices do not move randomly and that Bitcoin is such a powerful invention because of the incentives structured around it. That’s why pre- and post-halving price developments are predictable, in our view. Below is what we think will most likely happen after the Bitcoin halving.

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