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🚀 Who Holds the Keys to Cornering the Bitcoin Market?

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Our trading signals product had several signals around Ethereum during the last 24 hours. 10x Research offers four products: a) newsletter, b) trading signals, c) wealth management, and d) institutional-grade research. It’s worth checking them out.

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👇1-14) On January 29, we wrote, “MicroStrategy might be a better bet than the Bitcoin ETFs as the stock was trading -7% cheaper than Bitcoin…we see crypto-related equities also starting to be bought again”. This set off the crypto-equity rally. MicroStrategy shares had declined from a late December high of $717, dropped to $500 by January 29, and then rallied to $717 – or +45% in just two weeks (vs. Bitcoin +19%).

👇2-14) Although we came out with a massive bullish call on the Bitcoin miners on September 28, ‘Listed Miners Could be the Ultimate Bet for 2024’, we urged subscribers to take profit on December 28 and 29 as MicroStrategy was +26% overpriced (see article). The stock had rallied by +100% in three months.

👇3-14) We have correctly called the big turns in MicroStrategy and other crypto-equity stocks with a combination of our regression analysis and accurately predicting the Bitcoin swings – not afraid of going against the trends. But there is something more critical occurring.

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