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πŸš€ Interested in Selling Bitcoin today - at a +50% Premium?

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irl Media NEWSThe business behind the news, with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

πŸ‘‡1-14) On September 28, 2023, our report highlighted β€˜Listed Bitcoin Miners Could Be the Ultimate Bet for 2024’, including other crypto companies like MicroStrategy, Coinbase, and Galaxy. In our report, we worked with a scenario analysis of $70,000 per Bitcoin and projected a massive upside for those stocks.

πŸ‘‡2-14) At a $21 billion market cap, MicroStrategy trades comfortably above the minimum requirement to be included in the SP500 ($15.8 billion). It could be included in one of the subsequent quarterly index rebalances, requiring index funds to buy MicroStrategy shares according to the company’s index weight.

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