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  • πŸš€ The ONE critical data point profitable Bitcoin traders monitor to make $$$

πŸš€ The ONE critical data point profitable Bitcoin traders monitor to make $$$

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πŸ‘‡1-10) We are in a bull market, but that doesn’t mean prices go up in a straight line. Many traders follow different ways of making crypto money, from on-chain analytics to quant trading to technical analysis. While changing narratives make no strategy constantly profitable, one approach currently provides enough tailwinds to generate strong returns.

How long will this tailwind last?

πŸ‘‡2-10) It is difficult to say, but this is the number one data point profitable traders monitor to make money in the crypto markets. This bull market runs on a different narrative than the other Bitcoin bull markets and, therefore, requires a different skillset set. Traders (and analysts) need to identify the narrative driving prices constantly.

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