A PUMP into June 14? This ONE token might RALLY

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👇1-14) We have seen this repeatedly: Events are the best catalysts for trading crypto, as prices tend to rally in anticipation. The key is to walk away when the event has arrived and not fall in love with the narrative. But there is often money to be made in the run-up. This might be the case here again.

👇2-14) The CME Bitcoin futures listing in December 2017 caused a massive price ramp-up, only to mark the top of that bull market. Similar tops occurred with the Coinbase listing in April 2021 or the Bitcoin ETF based on futures listing in October 2021. A more recent example was the listing of the Bitcoin Spot ETFs in January 2024, which caused Bitcoin prices to rally prior but then to correct by -15% afterward.

👇3-14) A new event is scheduled for June 14. While less crucial for the broader crypto market than a Bitcoin product launch, it could impact this one token, as we explain below. With less than three weeks away, it might be time to gain exposure. This token is on the move…

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