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  • 🚀 I am sick (FOMO) – Am I long enough? How high can Bitcoin go?

🚀 I am sick (FOMO) – Am I long enough? How high can Bitcoin go?

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👇1-10) Our market calls have been ridiculous; some even caused outrage. As crazy as they sounded, most have become true. In October 2022 (BTC @ 20,000), we wrote that Bitcoin could rally to 63,000 into the 2024 halving (today BTC touched 55,000). On Feb 1, 2023 (BTC @ 22,500), we wrote that Bitcoin could finish the year at 45,000. We expected a -13 % correction in January, and on Jan 29, 2024, we noted that Bitcoin’s next target was 52,000. When that was achieved, we wrote that 57,000 was ‘next.’

👇2-10) Our trading signals are on fire. The 10x Research Model Portfolio is up +60% since we launched it, rotating between our 40+ signals with different time horizons. The average trade has generated +11% returns (holding period between two weeks and two months). Recent trades included LINK, NEAR, SOL, ETH, BNB, RUNE, etc. The crypto rally is broadening out.

Can you ever be too long in a bull market?

👇3-10) The problem is not with us or how levered we should be. The problem is with the market structure of Bitcoin. On February 13, we wrote, ‘Who holds the keys to cornering the Bitcoin market?’ We argued that MicroStrategy’s share price was +20% overvalued and that the company would issue shares, use the proceeds, and buy more Bitcoins. Last night, it was announced that they purchased $+155m of Bitcoins. But much more is at play here – most traders don’t realize this.

Let’s break it down.

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