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  • 🚀 Traders are asking: When Will Bitcoin Hit 100,000 ???

🚀 Traders are asking: When Will Bitcoin Hit 100,000 ???

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👇1-10) This is still a monster Bitcoin rally. But this rally has not been unprecedented. Everybody who understands the history of Bitcoin will have expected this. We were at the forefront of this rally.

👇2-10) Many have tried to call for corrections – we had statistically backed up arguments as to why a correction was unlikely (Feb 11 report BTC @ 48,000 and Feb 19 report BTC @ 52,000). Together with our market structure analysis, we called the move from 40,100 (see our report on January 26) to 68,000.

👇3-10) Our trading models have just triggered another Bitcoin signal (trading signal) [yes, we can take crypto as payment for trading signal subscriptions]. This signal is based on our volatility model which tends to get triggered during sharp corrections and in downtrends, it signals reversals. But when the trend is up, the model might have a different outcome – again, we follow the stats (signal).

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