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🚀 Unprecedented Success in Cryptocurrency Predictions

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👇 1) Distinguished from typical financial and cryptocurrency newsletters, our '10x Research' publication consistently offers actionable insights that often translate into successful trades.👇 2) Many subscribers have seen tangible benefits, with our perspectives contributing to significant portfolio growth. In the past 30 days alone, our newsletters have been read a remarkable 145,000 times.👇 3) Illustrating our effectiveness, please look at our most recent recommendation, shared two days ago, which has already yielded an impressive +15% return. This means a $1,000 investment would have covered the cost of a one-year subscription in a mere two days. But we think this trade has more room to run.👇 4) Reflecting on the past year, our 2023 outlook published exactly a year ago resulted in substantial gains, including Solana +570%, GBTC +334%, Bitcoin +158%, and Nasdaq +42%. To join our newsletter, a nominal fee suffices, or you can enjoy a complimentary subscription for a limited time by referring ten new readers.👇 5) Highlighting our predictive success, Bitdeer, a Bitcoin mining stock, has surged +109% since October 26, within eight weeks. Since the end of September, our reports have influenced market trends, accurately forecasted the Santa Claus rally, and anticipated the push toward 45,000.👇 6) We set the 45,000 target on February 1, 2023, covered by all the major crypto media. On that day, we predicted with our CPI/FOMC timeline that Bitcoin could be trading at 43,377 today - the last price of 43,047 - quite remarkable.👇 7) At 10x Research, our primary focus remains at the nexus of digital assets and finance, interpreting the fundamental market environment with the help of our proven quant models.👇 8) While we've recently shared insights on crypto-related equities, such as Galaxy +98% and Marathon +96% since the end of September, our overarching thesis predicted these crypto stocks would serve as a precursor to a BlackRock Spot Bitcoin ETF. Hence, they could massively benefit from FOMO, the front running of a Spot ETF, offering a higher beta and outperforming Bitcoin.👇 9) As we bid farewell to a successful 2023, our anticipation is high for an even better 2024.👇 10) Join us in 2024 and become subscribers, or refer us to other potential subscribers.