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  • 🚀 The Bitcoin Sell-Off Might Not Be Over. Here is why:

🚀 The Bitcoin Sell-Off Might Not Be Over. Here is why:

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👇1-10) A week ago, we wrote that Bitcoin ETF flows might reach a saturation point, and with [s]lower inflows, Bitcoin might be at risk of a correction. Our trading signals model portfolio locked in the +80% gains as the forward-looking stats projected a volatile +10/-10% in the next 10 to 20 days. While this is an unpopular narrative, it would be expected to see inflows slow down after prices experience significant intraday volatility.

👇2-10) Prices tend to peak when narratives are going overdrive, and one of our arguments was that we had seen peak meme-coin trading in Korea as trading volumes rose from $1bn to $16bn and then started to decline back to $8bn. Although Shiba Inu was the most actively traded coin in Korea for seven consecutive days, chart technically, Shiba began to break support levels.

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