Bitcoin’s next 15,000-point move will be decided THIS WEEK

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Bitcoin’s next 15,000-point move will be decided THIS WEEK.

👇1-10) There are enough reasons to be bearish. Bitcoin ETF flows have turned negative for five consecutive days. Altcoin and meme coin volumes have collapsed, notably in Korea, where altcoin volumes have sharply declined from $16bn to $3bn. We noticed this two weeks ago, and this signaled that the upside momentum was losing steam, translating into lower funding rates for Bitcoin, and a correction was likely.

👇2-10) But there are also plenty of bullish arguments, notably central banks turning dovish, the halving and potentially reversing ETF flows as the marginal rate of change indicates, and a still bullish risk-assets environment.

This week will be critical, and we expect the next 15,000-point move to be….

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