How Our Readers Stay Ahead of Massive (Bitcoin) Market Trends

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👇1-12) Our altcoin model portfolio selected ENA/USDT last week, which is already up +25% since our report. We suggested that Bitcoin would break out just yesterday before it ramped up +4%. Although most people still focus on the Bitcoin ETF flows, we identified a new data point that is now the critical driver for crypto returns.

👇2-12) It has been an excellent week for 10x Research’s media exposure, with more than 1,000 sites/publications requoting our work. Our brand value continues to increase, and our articles make waves thanks to our predictable and quantitative tools: track record and accountability counts.

👇3-12) On March 8, we wrote: “The Bitcoin / Crypto market is overheated, and a potential consolidation with downside risk should be managed carefully. US ETF flows are no longer the key driver of Bitcoin.”

👇4-12) Although this was our view a month ago, things have changed. Below, we’d like to explain why we have become bullish recently. Luckily, our readers were ahead of many of the moves. If you still need to become a subscriber, you can join here.

👇5-12) Bitcoin breaking out of the symmetrical triangle with a price target of 83,000 during the next few weeks was well covered by CoinDesk and republished on many other websites. We published our analysis before Bitcoin’s +4% rally yesterday, informing our subscribers beforehand.

👇6-12) Our Trading Signals model portfolio has been relatively neutral during the last month, sitting on the bench while Bitcoin went through a relatively volatile corrective mode. Preserving energy, we are near breakout levels for many cryptocurrencies. We will let our subscribers know soon.

👇7-12) CoinDesk also covered our analysis that stablecoins are the driver instead of the weakening Bitcoin ETF flows. This is a crucial insight, as most market participants appear to miss this essential building block of the latest rally.

👇8-12) Even last night (Monday), the Bitcoin ETFs saw $-205m outflows while Tether has minted close to $850m (including the weekend). It’s not the ETFs that matter; instead, it’s the stablecoin issuers, and everybody should focus on Tether and Circle.

👇9-12) Cointelegraph covered our analysis that Bitcoin tends to spike during European trading hours. This is a crucial insight and confirms that the focus on ETFs needs to change, as price action is not influential during US trading hours (when the US ETFs are trading). Last night, when US markets traded, Bitcoin declined by --0.5 % while Ethereum only rallied +1% - the bulk of the returns occurred at 3 pm HK/SG time or 3am ET.

👇10-12) Ethena (ENA/USDT) is one of our top picks in our altcoin model portfolio, and the governance token rallied +15% last night as another incentive program was introduced. Users who lock $ENA at a minimum of 50% of their USDe holdings receive a 50% increase in rewards (and more). Although initially focused on ETH (38% of collateral), the protocol has also accumulated $554m (26%) of BTC collateral. More BTC will be bought, and upside demand could surprise.

👇11-12) TVL reached $2.22bn; the higher the TVL, the more BTC will be purchased. $ENA can reach $5.0, in our view (if TVL hits $10bn). The market might underestimate the impact of Ethena, as this is a yield-generating hedge fund setup—as we wrote about in our report.

👇12-12) As we predicted, Bitcoin has broken out, but there needs to be follow-through lifting prices higher. Three weeks ago, it was the correct expectation when we were worried about a sharp drop in Bitcoin ETF flows. Subsequently, Bitcoin traded in a volatile range, leading to this symmetrical triangle. The critical point is that stablecoins are the driving force, not Bitcoin ETF flows. This realization made us bullish again, and Bitcoin might have a massive move ahead.

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